This ground breaking book Agile Project Management: Running PRINCE2® projects with DSDM Aternshows how users can combine the strengths of both approaches so that they complement each other and create a new, best of breed framework suitable for all project environments.

Based on PRINCE2® and DSDM Atern, two of the most established and internationally recognised project management approaches, this title explores the differences between the two approaches before showing where they overlap and how they can be integrated.

While DSDM Atern is a project management methodology in its own right this new publications sits within the PRINCE2® suite of titles.

Key Features:

  • Provides guidance on how to run PRINCE2® in a more agile way
  • Describes the rationale for integrating the methods by outlining the respective strengths of each approach
  • Explains how to integrate the two methods with respect to the process model, the products and the roles
  • Explores several product delivery techniques to enable project agility
  • Provides clear signposting of overlaps and differences.

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