Due to the huge investments that organisations make in their IT systems, means that the failure to effectively sustain the systems and react to the need for change is likely to impact on the organisations bottom line.

This means that an ad hoc approach to IT Service management is not an option. It is vital to focus on Business value, good ROI, speed to market and delivery of solutions in response to change.

Agile approaches mean an incremental method to change and early delivery of business value and they mean collaborative work towards change.

Understanding and employing ITIL®, PRINCE2® and DSDM together can provide the potential for a well run infrastructure which is responsive to change and will not halt progress.

The title offers practical guidance on how to deliver an IT Service by employing ITIL®, PRINCE2® and DSDM Atern together.

The title discusses the three approaches and gives an overview and the benefits of each. It also describes the issues that arise from implementing ITIL, the structure and content of PRINCE2® and the breadth of DSDM. It describes how they fit together, where the common areas sit and where the specialities for each exist.

Key Features

  • Road map and action plan for implementing the approaches
  • Case studies from companies who have implemented all or some of these frameworks
  • Glossaries covering the terminology used in the three approaches.

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